At MAGNUS, we take pride in being a complete partner for our customers – whether on premise, cloud or mobile. We build security architectures, manage security operations and protect informational assets – meeting our customers’ needs wherever they are in the security lifecycle.

But no matter the need we are meeting or the customer we are serving, compliance is key. That’s why we’ve build a compliance assurance model that ensures continuous monitoring and assessment – leading to a continually improving security position.

This Audit Preparation and Training activity establishes a security baseline. It is followed by Audit Management Support, which involves helping our clients prepare and perform during the audit. We then issue our Audit Findings and work collaboratively on a Root Cause Analysis and a Corrective Action Plan.

Together we move to the next phase: Corrective Action Plan Execution. Once the corrections are in place, we perform Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. The results of these tests are included in a Revised Corrective Action Plan and we begin the cycle again with audit preparation and training.

Our clients have found that this approach creates a security-minded culture within their organizations, helps ensure security is built into processes and protocols, and helps them stay ahead of the latest threats – exactly the value we aim to provide for them.